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Grow strong to take up the situations of life. The top lessons for getting you back on track.


INTERNATIONAL CORE ALIGNMENT provides various Training, Coaching & Consultancy

To enhance the quality of life of people to empower and educate people to live their life fullest, to connect with their own inner guidance system and succeed in each and every area of their life.

ICAT provides various trainings & certifications of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Yoga, various other Behaviour Skills etc.

We aim to be the most admirable learning and skill development partner enabling sustainable transformation, it provides end to end skill development solutions to improve productivity and excellence in individuals and corporates and to add required skills which was not taught in the traditional education system.

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Our Mission

Educating & empowering people for personal human transformation to awaken the true potential in them and also upgrading skills to International standard through significant industry involvement and excellence in individuals to enhance the productivity of the company as well.

Our Vision

Promoting individuals to take charge of their own life and unleash their true potentials so that they can lead a healthy, happy & successful life and support them to connect with their inner guidance system to enable people to lead successful life and also to bridge the gap of required skilled people for the companies and corporates to enhance the productivity.

About Anupama Mishra

Anupama Mishra holds a Post-Graduation degree in Yogic Science, graduated in Science, and is an Internationally Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainer, a Life Transformation Coach, a Meditation Coach and also an Ex-Banker. She has connected the knowledge of Yoga & Neuro-Linguistic Programming to bring resourceful changes in individuals. She herself had gone through amazing Personal Growth because of her passion for self-development and she brings out the Personal Transformation in individuals through her work. She truly believes that we human beings have immense possibility to step into our power so she teaches people to OWN their POWER.

Anupama Mishra works on being the living example of what she teaches. She also appreciates reading books, traveling, cooking, exploring Science & Spirituality, being curious about quantum physics, epigenetics, brain science, deeper aspects of the mind, concepts beyond the mind, and also she loves connecting with nature & creative people. She has inquisitiveness about understanding human psychology & behaviour patterns.

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Ms. Anupama is a wonder woman who made changes in my life and carrier. NLP is the best tool for success ūüíě

Rheitaa Ganesh Rao

Malaysia, Businesswoman

It was an interesting course that has helped me get back my self-confidence.  It will definitely make a positive change in my life as well as my career.   Regards Joshila.   From Mauritius

Joshila Dwarka

 Mauritius, Psychology Professor

NLP  is a very useful    for all walks of life.It helps in  taking better control of our lives.Ma Anupama is an excellent coach. It was great learning experience.. Yeshi Choedon Home maker Delhi.

Yeshi Choedon

Delhi, Educationist