Rituals towards a More Productive and Happier YOU

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Rituals towards a More Productive and Happier YOU

How simply daily rituals can change your life forever.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.


In order to be happy there is no short –cut to self-discipline. You can design your own life your way, but there has to be ‘a way’ which you are welcome to define, create or formulate. It’s your life, design it your way. It cannot be ‘no way’ or ‘any way.’ That does not work.

Here are nine suggested rituals that can formulate your daily routine and help you get closer to the state of happiness.

  1. Set your routine:

5 am to 7 am are called the Holy hours. One is fresh. The world around you is sleeping while you are getting ready for a productive day ahead. What gets done in these hours is more than what you can do in 6-8 hours of what stretches ahead of your day. You get a psychological advantage of leading, too. I strongly recommend that you try waking up and starting early for a few days. You will find it really works well.

  1. Wake up with a smile:

When you are in the process of opening your eyes, wear a big smile on your face and think of all the good things you are expecting through the day. And then motivate yourself with words like, “Hey, today is a great day and I am going to make the most of it”.

  1. It’s time to plan and prioritize:

You look at the day with lots of work to do. You will end up doing less important tasks at the cost of some important ones. Do it religiously and it will reduce your stress and make your life happy.

  1. Commit yourself to do five good acts a day:

Be good to the people around you. Gift them a smile or a little help when you feel someone needs it. “How may I help you?” is a wonderful gift.

  1. Get these three harmful things out of your life:

The most negative things we do are gossiping, blame games, and criticism. Get rid of them. They are big time-wasters and affect your reputation. Work on constructive ideas and avoid destructive and damaging ones. This may look simple, but the results can amaze you.

  1. Give high priority to your health:

Living a hygienic and healthy life is important. Regular meals, small and frequent meals of healthy food make our lives richer. However, once in a while there is no harm in having a burger or a pizza or an ice cream, but moderation is the keyword. Learn to enjoy what you eat and spend time on it.

  1. No worry:

 Worry leads you nowhere. The big enemy of happiness is worry. Worrying over things never solved a problem. Work on things within your control rather than outside of it.

  1. Identify distractions and avoid them:

Distraction hinders a smooth ride. We are surrounded by distractions, whether they are inside our heads in the form of our weird thoughts or the constant urge to check a mobile phone or frequently visiting various social media platforms. Ideally, set a time for these activities and let them not come in your way to happiness.

  1. Don’t forget Gratitude:

At the end of a wonderful day, remember to thank everyone who helped you in any way, big or small. It is a great gesture and gives you inner happiness.

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