NLP : Neuro Linguistic Programing



NLP is all about learning the language of the brain, so Coaches and Consultants who learn Neuro-Linguistic Programming create more success stories for their clients.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming popularly known as NLP is a very effective skill for Coaches & Trainers to learn. NLP is developed by Richard Bandler & John Grinder, NLP has many fragments borrowed from Milton Erickson, Fritz Perls, Virginia Satir, Jungian and Freudian Psychology, and also from Eastern Scriptural Wisdom.

NLP connects the dots for how we think and how we feel with our language patterns to bring out the specific outcomes.

Let’s look into a few NLP techniques which can help in Coaching & Consulting.

  1. Reframing
  2. Presuppositions
  3. Meta Programs
  4. Anchoring
  5. Meta Model
  6. Rapport
  1. Reframing:

Reframing is the most effective value that is offered by Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Coaching & Consulting. Reframing is all about changing the mind map of the client to align with the current reality subsequently empowering through Reframing. Generally, reframing is classified as content and context reframing. Coaching is nothing just reframing where the coach partners with the client to reframe and view the situation in a more empowered manner.

  1. Presuppositions:

Pre-assumed or the preconceived notions of NLP is “Map is not the territory”. The map is just a Mind Map based on our perceptions. One Single situation can be viewed differently by different people based on their perception which leads to misunderstanding and often to conflict. Religious conflicts are classic examples of how this presupposition plays a major role.

Few useful Presuppositions are as under:

  • Mind and Body are one.
  • People are not behavior.
  • Behind every behavior, there is a positive intention.
  • There is nothing like a failure, just feedback and many more


  1. Meta Programs:

Meta Programs are filters that shape our perceptions. By understanding these Meta Programs, coaches can easily understand their client’s Motivation Patterns.

A powerful Meta Program is towards/away.

  1. Anchoring:

Anchoring is the technique to install a resourceful state in the client to create a habit of unconscious competence in coaching. This is a neuroscience-based process for the neuroplasticity of the brain. Generally, this anchor has been installed kinaesthetically that helps the body to memorize the resourceful state to use it at will, till it becomes a habit.

  1. Meta Model:

Meta Model and its concepts like Deletion, Distortion, and Generalisation are the keys to NLP and it’s very helpful in coaching. Generalization is something we engage in day-to-day conversation ( i.e No one loves me) REALLY? Understanding Meta Model is a very power4ful tool for coaches and Trainers.

  1. Rapport:

Rapport is the key, without Rapport, there is no use in communicating with your client. There is a Presupposition of NLP which states “Resistance in the client is a sign of lack of Rapport”, so establishing Rapport is a must to deal effectively with your clients.

Matching, Mirroring, Pacing, and Leading is some of the techniques to create Rapport with clients to create the condition of trust and harmony while Coaching & Consulting.



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